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Taking Search off Ice

SEO Audits

Sometimes a comprehensive on-page audit is all you need to empower your internal team to take the necessary action to improve organic visibility.

Our Wood Frog audits cover everything Google looks at in determining the quality of a site.

Generally speaking the more page your site has, the more important technical SEO is to its success because there is a lot more room for things to go wrong.

A lot of SEO agencies give an equal weighting to technical SEO regardless of what kind of site they are working with, when the reality is that different types of sites need a different balance of activity.

With smaller sites, getting the basics right and moving onto creating authoritative, shareable content is the place where emphasis should lie.

The graph below (which is a rough sketch of the concept) shows how this can look strategically.


Large sites can suffer from more technical woes and those obstacles scale in importance with the number of pages.  Note that content strategy is critical to success in any SEO campaign, but the relative input from your agency should be bespoke to your site’s requirements.

SEO Audit Tiers

If you need something more bespoke than the below audit tiers, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can customise them for your needs.

The tiers below assume that you already have an idea of the keywords you are targeting. If you need keyword research and mapping, that can be added with the price depending on the scale of your site.

Tier Little Brown Bat Silver Haired Bat Big Brown Bat
Number of Pages Less than 500 500-5,000 5,000 Up
Cost £1100 £2500 £4000
  • Meta Data along with guidelines and rules for the rest of the site
  • Content audit, including keyword coverage, relevancy & cannibalisation, thin content, duplicate content
  • Page Speed including server response times, waterfall analysis, rendering times
  • Indexability and crawlability including indexation bloat and under-indexing
  • Content tagging, including canonicalisation, hreflang, meta robots, open graph, images, schema & JSON-LD & if required, rel=”next” and rel=”prev” (Bing still likes it)
  • JavaScript rendering & DOM analysis
  • Mobile friendliness (for mobile first crawling and indexation)
  • Site structure & information architecture
  • Internal redirects & redirect chains
  • URL structure & parameters
  • Robots.txt & xml sitemaps
  • Errors pages
  • Information architecture & internal linking
  • Local SEO & Google My Business
SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant

Joanna Lewis

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