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Reputation Management

Your reputation matters! – and today Google is the first port of call for people who want to discover your brand. If you have a negative review ranking for your brand terms, or a listing that lies about your business practices, it can be very damaging to future sales and the return value of your customer base.

Using a range of ethical techniques, SEO Eskimo can help you bury these negative listings for good. There’s no magic bullet and these things take time – but it can be done and we have a track record of removing pollution from your brand search results pages.

Let us help you combat the schadenfreude built into Google’s algorithms.

How it works

Firstly we assess the target or target domains and pages that are ranking for your name or brand. This involves auditing their content and link profiles in order to understand how well optimised they are for the terms you are trying to protect.

Next we implement a pincer attack with a top-down, bottom-up approach.

Top Down

Traditional marketing can be broken down into Paid, Owned and Earned Media. By maximising the visibility of these three types of assets, we can push down the negative listing in the search results.

Because this content is on-brand and often promotes your marketing funnel, it’s a win-win – you get the negative listing demoted and create and optimise valuable content that can help gain more customers and followers.

Bottom Up

Google still uses links to evaluate site authority and rank pages. This means that links pointing to listings under the target negative listing will push those more innocuous pages up, making the target rank lower in Google’s search results.

A lot of these tactics are not those that we would recommend when promoting your owned assets, especially your websites. Google can penalise sites that use traditional link building tactics with either a manual action or a by the dreaded Penguin filter.

The ways in which SEO Eskimo will help you attract links are very different from those that we would use to link to established sites that sit under your negative result. Only experts with a lot of experience should undertake this work.

SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant

Joanna Lewis

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