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Taking Search off Ice


Ask An Eskimo

Welcome to our frequently asked questions.  If you have a less frequently asked question, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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‘Eskimo’ is one of the only homonyms of SEO.  Let us know if you can think of any others. We also like to keep cool.

Disclaimer: We mean no offence to the Yupik and Inuit peoples in the creation of our brand and hope that none is taken.

We mix the expertise and experience of established SEO agencies with the personal touch of a consultancy.

We are modular and flexible. You may need a full SEO service incorporating ongoing reporting, content strategy, technical auditing and implementation, influencer outreach, SEO/PPC integration or just some advice. Maybe you already have a team in place and just want answers to a specific question or roadblock. We’re here to help.

Number 1 ranking for what? Promising number 1 rankings to clients unfamiliar with SEO is one of the oldest tricks in the book. We managed to rank one of our pages for ‘Long Tail Query’ in less than a day just by writing a piece on the subject that was well keyword optimised.

So this question very much depends what you want to rank for, who your competitors are and how much work you need based on your own site’s quality and search engine authority.

The other reason this question needs modification is the fact that ranking for individual keywords is not how we should think about SEO in 2019. Nor can any agency force Google to rank pages higher using cheap tactics. RankBrain and other Google algorithms based on machine learning mean that we have to concentrate on creating the best experience for users and Googlebot and make sure we are targeting the right top level terms. We can’t guarantee specific rankings but we will improve them overall and give you a return on investment.

No, we work remotely or in your offices, so temperatures vary.  We do, however, like to keep cool.

That’s not the Eskimo way. All of our traffic hunting approaches are bespoke, though we do promote our packages as a starting point for a conversation about your specific needs and costings. Even our SEO Audit tiers can be customised and negotiated.

We have an inclusive, pro-immigration stance for all of our staff members and contract partners. Biodiversity is a core value of SEO Eskimo.  

Further, not only is Penguin 4.0 a much softer iteration of Google’s link penalty filter, SEO Eskimo has nothing to fear from Penguins, as we are a white hat consultancy that adheres closely to Google’s Terms of Service.

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